Envisioning the Future of Ocular Therapeutics
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Unmet Needs


Aciont® is addressing a substantial void in ocular therapeutics. Most commercial therapies for back-of-the-eye diseases are administered through repeated injections into the eye. Neither localized, non-invasive nor localized, non-intraocular controlled release therapeutics systems exist for back-of-the-eye treatments.

Standard topical methods such as eye drops or gels are appropriate only for treating front-of-the-eye diseases. Oral medications and intravenous administrations often fail to deliver adequate amounts of the drug in to the eye and can present serious systemic effects.

Current emerging therapies developed to circumvent the need for injection treatment still are highly invasive and include biodegradable implants or special intraocular devices. These physician intensive approaches are not geared for eye disease prevention but provide benefits only at later stages of diseases, typically after the delicate neural layers of the retina could see some damaged. Similar to injections, these invasive approaches involve bleeding, on-going risks of infection to the eye, extensive physician monitoring, or retinal detachment.