Envisioning the Future of Ocular Therapeutics
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IP Protection

Collectively, Aciontís intellectual property position is poised to be strong and it comprises patents, know-how, and trade secrets. Aciontís technology portfolio is composed of quality patent applications that will address key features and benefits to patients and physicians. Aciont® has completed filing of about 20 U.S. patents (5 issued) and related international filings solidifying our innovative technology platform over other competing passive/topically applied and minimally invasive, ocular drug delivery technologies:
  • Scleral applicator designs for optimal tolerance, ease of use, drug delivery and miniaturization
  • Permeation enhancers
  • Drug payload enhancement: membranes and formulations
  • Specific ophthalmic drug treatment protocols using various immunomodulating agents
  • Sustained release methods, formulations and pharmaceutical carriers
  • Iontophoresis and other poration methods
Specifically, Aciontís technology portfolio entails a strong platform of protected enabling technology for non-invasive forms of ophthalmic drug delivery. Such a combination would enhance or enable the transport of drugs, entail simple self adhering application procedures, allow patients to be adequately mobile during treatment runs and minimize physician monitoring. The long term objective of self application at home therapy is possible. Other pending patents or those in development include incorporating design, materials, methods-of-use and formulations. Our ocular drug delivery technologies have been adapted for the optimal distribution of therapeutics to the back-of-the-eye.