Envisioning the Future of Ocular Therapeutics
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Product Pipeline

Lead Products

The back of the eye drug delivery market is driven by an aging population, new research on drugs in the field, and increased understanding of the causes of various eye diseases. With an increased interest in preventing retina disease/damage before it begins, the next wave of back of the eye therapies are expected to require product differentiation attributes through drug delivery improvements. Aciont® has reviewed potential drug products for market rationale, therapeutic need and product enhancement applicability with our Visulex® system. The table below represents our current proposed initial pipeline of product candidates.

Internal Products in Development

Internal Products in Development
Drug / Indication Potential of World Wide Market Value / (# of Patients) Est. Peak Annual Revenue ($M) Status
Steroid for severe uveitis > $500M/(500K) $100M Pre-clinical
Steroid for diabetic macular edema (adjuvant therapy) > $1.5B/(1M) $200M Pre-clinical
Investigative drug for chronic uveitis > $500M/(500K) $300M Pre-clinical
Investigative drug for diabetic macular edema (first line) > $1.5B/(2M) $500M Evaluation
Investigative drug for dry or wet AMD > $5.0B/(5M) $500M Evaluation

Uveitis is a set of acute or chronic inflammatory conditions caused by a number of direct or underlying conditions which are often under treated. The NEI projected patient numbers exceed 200,000 U.S. patients per year. Current treatment includes systemic, injected and surgically implanted (currently in clinical trials) potent corticosteroids. Methotrexate is used as primary therapy for refractory patients. Uveitis accounts for about 10% of blindness cases in the United States.