Envisioning the Future of Ocular Therapeutics
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About Us


Aciont® Inc. is a specialty biopharmaceutical company endeavoring to become the world leader in commercializing localized, non-invasive, controlled and sustained release back of the eye therapeutics for sight threatening diseases such as severe uveitis, diabetic macular edema and age-related macular degeneration. Aciontís goal is to provide ophthalmologists substantially greater freedom in treating and/or preventing chronic eye diseases through optimal drug dosing and improved patient/physician compliance. The timing is right for the next wave of back of the eye therapies as it will most likely require drug delivery differentiation, and Aciont® is on the forefront of the wave. Many of the leading back of the eye drug delivery technologies are invasive in nature because they target the eye's interior regions such as the vitreous or retina, which often cannot be reached via conventional methods (e.g., eye drops).

Our Visulex® drug delivery system uses an easy to administer scleral lens shaped eye applicator worn for less than 10 minutes. One revolutionary aspect of our technology platform is the incorporation of novel sustained release formulations or methodologies for water soluble drugs (commonly susceptible to ocular clearance effects) as part of a non-invasive drug delivery system. The passive diffusion-based version of our Visulex® system has been shown to deliver therapeutically relevant drug doses of a steroid pro-drug into interior sections of the eye.

There are no commercialized applications entailing a localized non-invasive system that can deliver drugs to the back-of-the-eye. Our technology platform yields high-demand product options which are not limited to one market.